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Venom India is the official community-led hub that provides comprehensive updates, resources, and opportunities related to the Venom Foundation within India. Serving as the go-to source for all things Venom, it keeps you informed about the latest news, developments, and initiatives shaping the Venom ecosystem in India.


The storyboarding process is a vital step in bringing a script to life visually. Once I receive the script, I start with visualization. For this project I  carefully selected images to represent key points or moments along with some rough sketches to lay out the composition and sequence of shots. During this stage, I meticulously plan out the flow of the video, determining when and where text, images, and other visual elements will be incorporated. The storyboard serves as a blueprint, setting the foundation for the entire video production process, ensuring a cohesive and engaging narrative.


The illustration process for the video begins once the storyboarding phase is complete and all the required graphics have been identified. My first step is to source illustrations from reputable stock sites that align with the desired look and feel of the video. These illustrations serve as a foundation. I then embark on a process of customization, where I edit colors, adjust elements, and make any necessary additions or subtractions to ensure a seamless integration with the overall video. If there are missing elements, I draw them myself to maintain consistency. This careful attention to detail ensures that all the graphics have a cohesive style and contribute to a visually unified and engaging explainer video.

Frame Blocking

The frame blocking process is a crucial step that occurs after the preparation of illustrations and other graphical elements but before actual animation begins. During frame blocking, I utilize the prepared elements to create and arrange the key frames that will prominently appear throughout the video. This stage is vital as it enables me to identify any frames that may not be working effectively and make necessary adjustments before proceeding to the actual animation phase. By establishing and approving the frames during this process, they serve as the foundation and reference points for the subsequent animation, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing final product. The frame blocking stage lays the groundwork for the smooth progression of the animation process.