Oraki – Brand Identity


Oraki is a results-driven digital marketing agency based in Bhopal. It specializes in SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing. Their services include managing Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts and provide SEO and content creation services to boost a businesses' online presence.

Logo Explorations

During the logo exploration phase of the branding, I began by identifying the agency’s core values, which were distilled into three keywords: ‘connecting’, ‘web’, and ‘marketing’. My next step was to translate these keywords into a visual icon or graphical form. The following iterations represent just a few examples of the extensive exploration process undertaken to arrive at the final logo design.

Logo Construction

The logomark was meticulously constructed using a combination of lines and circles. Its geometric form, complete with multiple intersections within the primary enclosed hexagonal shape, creates a visually compelling effect that appears both as a web and as a representation of the word ‘connection’. To ensure an overall easy flow to the design, the edges on the entire logo mark were slightly curved, countering the straight lines. The logotype is in Quicksand, a typeface with rounded terminals that perfectly complements the logo mark.


The primary color chosen is a shade of orange. This color was selected for its ability to evoke creativity, optimism, and confidence. By incorporating this color into the branding, not only does it stimulate creativity among agency employees, but it also instills confidence in potential clients. The shade of orange selected was also chosen because it pairs well with both black and white.

As for the secondary colors, default white and a slightly lighter shade of black were chosen. The combination of these three colors provides ample contrast and works well in various design settings. By carefully selecting these colors, the brand is able to effectively communicate its values and personality, while creating a visually cohesive and appealing brand image.


For this project, only one typeface family was used – Quicksand. The reason for selecting this particular typeface was due to its versatility and legibility at different sizes and weights.

Quicksand not only works well as a heading font, but it also proved to be suitable for long paragraphs, thanks to its range of weights available from light to bold. Additionally, as a free font, it can be used extensively across various branding assets, from banners to websites, without incurring additional costs. By using a consistent typeface throughout the branding, the overall brand image appears visually cohesive and polished.