Flow State – Blender Short


"Flow State" is a short film created in Blender. Originally a part of a client project, it features a captivating opening sequence for a NASCAR team, combining scenes from the original project and new renders.


The storyboarding process began once the general premise of the video was determined. After which, I prepared the storyboard by cutting and stitching together images to create scene compositions. These storyboards were highly detailed and served as a direct reference for the actual 3D scenes that would be created. This approach allowed for a seamless transition from the storyboard to the final 3D visuals. The detailed and carefully constructed storyboards served as a visual blueprint, guiding the creation of the 3D scenes and bringing the concept to fruition.

Main Production

Once the storyboard was completed, a comprehensive list of required assets was compiled. Many of these assets were sourced from platforms like Sketchfab, and then customized to fit the specific needs of the project. In instances where certain assets or props were not readily available, I took on the task of modeling them myself. The creation of sets and lighting was done in Blender 3D software, allowing for precise control over the visual environment. For character rigging and animation, Mixamo proved to be a valuable tool. Finally, the rendering was done using the Cycles Render Engine in Blender, ensuring a high-quality and polished final output.

Post Production

The post-production process involved utilizing DaVinci Resolve, a professional software widely used in the industry. Using this software, the editing phase was conducted to refine the footage, ensuring smooth transitions, precise timing, and a coherent narrative flow. Additionally, DaVinci Resolve’s advanced coloring tool was employed for color grading, allowing for precise adjustments to enhance the visuals, establish the desired mood, and maintain consistent color schemes throughout the video.