DripVerse Protocol – Rebranding


DripVerse Protocol revolutionizes web3 development tools and infrastructure by initially enhancing the post-mint experience for creators. Our goal is to improve the user and developer experience simultaneously, recognizing the shared category of builders and explorers with unique needs. Through the DripVerse SDK and platform, users can seamlessly integrate cross-platform, multi-chain utilities curated by the developer ecosystem.

Logo Redesign

The primary objective for the logo redesign was to shift away from the literal interpretation of the company’s name to a representation of its core essence. To achieve this, both the letters ‘D’ and ‘V’ were thoughtfully integrated into the logo design, as they held significant significance within the brand’s name. The ‘D’ was used to form the foundational contour of the logo, symbolizing the Drip Ecosystem, while the ‘V’ intersected it, resembling a shuttle navigating within that ecosystem. Sharp edges were deliberately employed to bestow a bold and distinctive appearance upon the logo, effectively aligning it with the brand’s evolved vision and message.


The chosen color palette revolves around various shades of blue. The primary color emerges from the harmonious fusion of a dark and light blue shade, creating a captivating gradient. White, strategically utilized alongside this gradient, enhances the visual contrast. This palette is made to evoke the sensation of venturing into outer space, immersing the audience in a distinct world. Simultaneously, it infuses the brand with a modern aesthetic, aligning seamlessly with contemporary trends within the dynamic web3 space.


For this project a single typeface, Jost by Owen Earl, played a central role. Jost is a versatile sans-serif font boasting a range of styles, spanning from thin to black. This choice was driven by its exceptional legibility across various sizes, making it an ideal candidate for both body text and display purposes within the brand’s identity.